Friday, September 23, 2011

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As many of you have pointed out :) I have been slacking on my blog duties lately and you are of course right.  So I will try to make up for the last three months.  Therefore this entry will be VERY long!  Scroll all the way down to make sure you don't miss anything :)

Let us start before the birth of our little Michael - sufficit to say at my last posting, I was enormous and pretty miserable. We had a scheduled c-section - since I have larged headed children - so there was no real drama to this one and we were able to plan when the family could be there to help out.  My mom and dad came the Friday before Michael got here to help out with James and make sure he was taken care of on the big day. 

This is the day before Michael was born and as you can see, I am crazy pregnant. 

James got some great one on one time with Grandma and Grandpa and truly enjoyed his time on the park swings...although he looks slighty terrified.

The next day was so easy! Andy and I got up at the god awful hour of 4 am to go to the hospital.  We relaxed in the room, got poked and prodded.  Confirmed that I was starving and hadn't eaten anything that day and then I went off to the operating room.  It was very wierd walking into the operating room.  The first thing you notice is how unbelievably cold it is in there, then they give you some heated blankets which is very nice.  I got my spinal and didn't get sick...Andy came in and I asked him if he remembered the camera, he said no, I said well maybe you should go get it, the nurse said no time, I said no time? Oh is that my baby crying???? Literally had no idea they started the procedure and Michael was here before I knew what had happened. 

Michael Joseph Garrison was officially born at 8:01 am, 9.6 lb, 21.5 inches and a 15 inch head - he beat his brother in weight and length and he was a week early. 

His first day - he looks SO much like James!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Daddy and Michael

I stayed in the hospital for the week! Yeah alone time. Almost like a hotel, but without pay per view. While I was away James got lots of fun play time with both sets of Grandparents and a couple trips to the Children's Museum.

Gotta LOVE tunnels.
...and meeting new friends

...exploring options...or maybe just an angry face :)
and a little relaxtion after some hard play.

Thisis what Michael and I were doing.

Then we come home and life gets a little crazier yet.  Grandma came back to help and brought James some tunes.  My kid can dance...and before you say it no he could not have had pants on while he was dancing.

This is what Michael was doing....

We finally got the see the kids eyeballs for more than a minute when we gave him a bath
Seriously this kid is a week old here...he is enormous!

So we will fast forward a bit to 4th of July...Andy and I a wedding to go to and then we stuck around to hang out with the families.
Uncle Mauw and Michael.

James didn't like the big pool at Nana's very much but he was digging hanging out in the baby pool with Aunt Kate.  Then he would drive around in his new truck.

and warn others to wear their sunscreen
You there...did you block up?

Don't be a chump, protect your skin!

Then there was some trouble with a beer can, but I am not going to post that on the Internet in case my boy wants to be president some day. 

Here is what Michael did....

Oh and I almost forget James digs sweet corn.

So that takes us to Michael's one month appointment where the nurse told me that my 4 week old currently weighed 12.9 pounds and was 23.5 inches long...what!!! He gained three pounds and 2 inches in a month, crazy, but so cute and sweet.

That brings us to the dog days of summer and James fascination with laundry.  He constantly wants to put clothes on over his other clothes.  The minute he sees us get the laundry out he is taking the clean stuff and either trying to put it on or pitching it out of the basket so he can play in it.  This was one of his funnier moves

and yes that is my underwear...they are clean though.

2 months old and another 3 pounds 2 inches.  This kid is growing like a weed.  So the stats are now at 15 pounds 25.5 inches.  He was eating from 4-6 ounces (mostly 6) every 4 hours and wearing 6 months clothes.   He has also started to smile and stay awake for more than three minutes.  And although he may look like James he is different already.  He eats super slow and belches like a 13 yr old boy.  James was a chugger, but his burps - not memorable.  Michael also likes to just lay on the floor where James was a snuggler from the begining. Michael likes to kinda be left alone and you can put him in the crib without rocking him to sleep - that NEVER happened with James. Those chubby cheeks and good nature are the same though!

Labor Day was spent with GG in Grand Rapids.  We had a great time. Michael really started cooing and James learned a new sport.

I should also tell you that James is an awesome big brother, he is constantly worrying about where baby is or who has baby and if he hears him cry he starts yelling at me to go get him. He gets mad when you don't move fast enough.  And he thinks the baby is really funny when he coos, so he is always trying to tickle him or touch his toes.  It is all very cute and I am so glad he likes his baby bro.

We didn't have a 3 month visit so I don't really know how much Michael weighs but I think we could be looking at another 3 pound gain.  The kid is already on rice cereal in his 8 ounce bottle. 
Look how mad Michael is that we put him in ND stuff.:)

Somewhere in all of this James got old enough to go to school 2 days a week!!  I know, the babysitter, Andy and I decided that James needed to be around older kids a couple of days a week, so he is going to the preschool at church on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He and Mom did great their first day and he is just loving it!  Of course he is not into posing for the camera anymore, so the pics are not great, but I will remember the day perfectly.

There's that precious smile!

That brings us to last weekend where my beloved Spartans fell to the Notre Dame Irish. Bad day for the Spartans but great day to get cute pics. 

Look how well I sit up!

I told James to sit by his brother, he sat on his lap...
Team Notre Dame
Team Spartan is unwilling to pose for a picture

My two boys together - not very flattering on baby, but James is smiling

Michael looks better, but James is distracted.  I guess I should get used to this.

That is about it.  You are pretty caught up and I will have more for you next weekend.


Tracey said...

I love it!! Glad your back. Michael and James are adorable.

Elizabeth and Mark said...

Love, love, love! My god, you have cute little boys! It makes me sadder than sad that I am not there to love on them! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! XOXOXO!!!